Special Storage deals for students this Summer. Clear out your room: save yourself 20%, and the hassle of taking things home.

Self storage for students – Book NOW for Summer 2017.

Why take stuff home just to lug it all back after summer? You can save the sweat, keep your room at home less chaotic, and stop thinking about it all ’till you’re back.

In less than an hour you can get it all checked into your own private locker or room, and go back to enjoy the sunshine with your mates. This has some real advantages:

  • It’s CHEAP (from less than £5/week – 3 students sharing a small room). If someone has to drive here to pick up your kit, (and bring it back next term), the saving in petrol ALONE can pay for your storage for the summer. Forget the cost of running the car, meals, b&b etc.
  • No need to hassle your parents to come and pick up your stuff.
  • It leaves space in your car to give your mates a lift (or for you to get a lift with your pal).
  • Want to SEE exactly what fits into a locker watch the video below: 

  • A group of friends can share a room to store bikes, furniture, whatever. Reducing the cost even more.
  • Enjoy the last days of term without the worry of sorting your kit. (You can bring most of it today, and the last stuff the day that you leave).
  • Its a blessing if you live overseas.

Private storage at 1st Storage Centres. For all your pictures, posters, books, bikes and computers; your double bass, your skis, or whatever you don’t need  in the summer. It couldn’t be easier – and if you’re lucky your parents can pay on the phone!

Be reassured – it’s secure – you’re the only one with the key!  Transport problems? Dont know when you’ll be back? Not sure how it works? Give us a call or a mail. We were at Uni here too. So you’ll find us friendly, and eager to help.

Call us and get a quote now.

Universities and Colleges in the Newcastle and Tyneside area:

If you are a student at one of these universities or colleges, we have self storage centres in Newcastle and Gateshead for all your storage requirements.

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