With more and more pressure on costs and delivering sales results, more and more sales professionals chose to use self storage

If your company gives you loads of samples, products and marketing materials to deliver to your clients, they begin to take over your car, home and garage (if you have one), making less and less space in your home for living. Samples take over your home, we can be your spare storage room just minutes down the road.

We operate a free receipt and despatch service to make life easier if you are constantly on the move. And a small secure store room at 1st Storage Centres will help you organise more easily, giving you extra space and reducing the clutter in your life.

samples and promotions

InWhat do I need?

Furnished Office50 sq ft
Large Furnished Office100 sq ft
50 Archive Boxes25 sq ft
110 Archive Boxes50 sq ft
170 Archive Boxes75 sq ft
240 Archive Boxes100 sq ft
400 Archive Boxes150 sq ft
650 Archive Boxes250 sq ft

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Why Store with us?

  • Your own Locked Room – clean dry and secure
  • Free reciept and dispatch service
  • Flexible Space – you only pay for the space you require, from the size of a locker to a squash court
  • Accessible – located near to city centre
  • Free Access – to your room during our long opening hours
  • Less Risk to Your Business – no rates, no repairs, no lease, no commitment
  • Flexible Contracts – store for just as long as you want


We are proud members of both the Self Storage Association and Passionate about storage, North East. Find out what this means to you.

SSA Self Storage Association, United Kingdom

Passionate about storage, North East England